The School Marathon “Let’s Recycle” started today, Thursday 21/11/2019, within the municipal platform for the reward of recycling

The School Recycling Marathon is implemented by the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning and by the Cleaning Service of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands with the participation of SY.DISA. Corfu Prefecture and the goal is the proper education of the students of our Municipality, the increase of their active participation in recycling as well as the reward of their efforts, in the framework of the Followgreen initiative.

Under the coordination of the Cleaning Department, today the recycling bins were distributed to the primary schools of the Municipality. Students, parents and teachers will be able to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and batteries by accumulating points depending on the amount of materials they manage to collect properly.

 For their part, parents and teachers will be able to support the children’s effort, throughout the action, by providing recyclable materials that will be collected at home and donating points to the schools of their choice, through the platform

The Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands aspires that this action will contribute to the education and awareness of not only students but also their parents and guardians, so that our island can be a model for recycling and proper waste management.