Begins the removal of the abandoned vehicles in the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands after the signing of the relevant contract between the mayor Meropi Ydraiou and the contractor of the project. Therefore, any interested owners of abandoned vehicles are kindly requested to remove them as soon as possible if they wish so.

All the abandoned vehicles, that will be removed, will be sold and delivered to an approved collection point and will be imposed to alternative management as end-of-life vehicles.

Through this process, the aim of the municipal authority is the prevention of waste generation by the abandoned vehicles as well as the recycling and further utilization of end-of-life vehicles. The ultimate goal is the safety and improvement of the citizen’s quality of life, the provision of parking space in the municipality, and in general the protection of public health and of the environment.

The contract, which was based on the legal provisions in terms of its financial terms, has a two-year time horizon with a possibility to be extended for another year with the consent of both parties. The contractor company is responsible for the collection of vehicles with its own means and staff, on a weekly basis, after consulting the competent municipal service and the completion of the further processing. The identification and registration of the designated abandoned vehicles will be held by the Municipality of Central Corfu, a process that has already begun.

It is noted that since a vehicle is characterized as abandoned, there are specific deadlines of this being maintained and if it is searched within these deadlines, it is returned to its owner. Finally, it is pointed out that every step of action regarding the characterization, removal, and further management of the abandoned vehicles has been fully defined and the whole process after the completion of the tender process by the technical services of the municipality and the current contractor of the project will be held through supervision and certification by the cleaning and recycling service of the municipality.