The cleaning services of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands were equipped with five new waste collection vehicles, significantly renewing their vehicle fleet.

Seven vehicles have already been received and by the end of next month, all 17 vehicles that were procured through the LEASING system are expected to have arrived in Corfu.

With the supply of vehicles with the specific system, the operation of the Cleaning and Operational Project services is greatly improved and, by extension, the provision of better services from the Municipality to their citizens.

The receipt of the five new vehicles took place in the presence of the Mayor of Meropi Ydraiou and the Deputy Mayor of Cleaning, Yiannis Seremetis, while a new receipt is expected at the end of next week. The new vehicles concern:

-(4) vehicles “Waste-carrying press-type vehicle with a capacity of 4 m2”, amounting to €471,200.00, which will be used for waste transport serving the needs of the Operational Project Department.

-(1) vehicle “7.5 ton mixed load interaxial dump truck with crane and grapple”, amounting to €161,200.00, which will be used for loading and transporting bulky and heavy objects serving the needs of the Operational Project Department.

The Mayor said in her statement that gradually “the competent services are equipped with the necessary tools in order to offer quality services to our citizens as befits a European, touristic Municipality”.

M. Ydraiou also thanked the Deputy Mayor of Cleaning G. Seremetis, the Deputy Mayor of Finance G. Pantelios, the General Secretary of the Municipality G. Poulis, and the Director Mr. Koronakis for the cooperation and hard work they put in to achieve the specific goal that the municipal authority had set from the beginning of its mandate.

It is noted that the procurement process with the specific system was both time-consuming and painful administratively and bureaucratically as this was the first time that the specific method of financing was chosen.