Corfu is slowly closing all its wounds, images, and situations that offend us and do not deserve us are eliminated, such as the state of decay and decay in the traffic management park that had been turned into a garbage dump.

A few days ago, its renovation and remodeling by the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands were completed and it is ready to operate again. Renovated, modern, and functional, it is ready to contribute to education on the issues of traffic education and to the strengthening of road safety. A free parking space was created in front of the facility that had been turned into a garbage dump.

The before and after photos are irrefutable witnesses.

The Mayor Meropi Ydraiou and the Deputy Mayor of Technical Services N. Kalogeros inspected the project after its completion, a project implemented with the own resources of the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands. It is noted that initially, an attempt was made to reopen the Park with cleanings and works by the Deputy Mayor of Everyday Affairs and Greenery, however, much larger interventions were required which were undertaken and carried out by the Technical Services of the Municipality.

In the following days, the inauguration and its operation are planned with the participation of the schools.

“The Traffic Management Park, which was built during the term of Mayor Chrysanthos Sarlis and had operated with great success for years, had been left to its fate, abandoned. We considered it our duty to reopen it and proceeded with a complete reconstruction of the infrastructure. We will continue to work every day, to produce work for the citizens and for the Municipality. Every day we erase one of the gray images and situations that hurt us. Corfu is changing, becoming more beautiful.” emphasizes Mayor Meropi Ydraiou.