The Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands is constantly upgrading its recycling infrastructure and equipment.

Five «green recycling kiosks» will soon be set up, one in each municipal unit of our municipality. The relevant procurement contract was signed by Mayor Meropi Ydraiou, while the funding comes from the “Philodimos II” programme.

These kiosks are autonomous units for the separate collection, processing, and storage of recycling materials with the smallest possible ecological footprint, both in the construction phase and during operation. They require a small area for their placement, while they will be placed in strategic locations of each municipal unit of our municipality.

More specifically, the «green recycling kiosks» will have the ability to collect and sort up to 15 different categories of recyclable materials such as: paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, metals but also lamps, batteries, etc.

In the «green recycling kiosks», citizens will be able to drop their recyclable materials through separate slots/holes with signs indicating what type of material each slot/hole will accept.

It is expected that the first pieces of «green recycling kiosks» will be delivered within three months.
At the same time, the “green recycling kiosks” will contribute significantly to the “Sorting at Source” as well as reduce the total amount of mixed waste that will be transported outside of Corfu. This is an important part of the municipal infrastructure that will ensure that different recycling streams are going to be collected separately and recycling is generally increased.

“This new infrastructure will contribute to the collection, processing, and storage of recycled materials with sorting at the source, but also to the formation of a new social behavior and ecological consciousness by everyone,” emphasizes the Mayor of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands, Meropi Ydraiou, in her statement. The newly formed municipality literally started from scratch to create its infrastructure for recycling. Because infrastructure is a prerequisite for recycling, and we are dedicated to creating them.”