The Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands, through the Cooperation Agreement it signed with the Municipal Non-Profit Company (AMKE) GIVMED in December 2020, is pleased to announce that it has succeeded to date, with the substantial help of its citizens, to donate 1,281 boxes of medicines, with an economic value of 15,365 Euros and 324 pieces of health products, with an economic value of 5,902 Euros, through the Social Pharmacy of our Municipality.
Our Municipality, through this specific cooperation, has managed to put into practice waste prevention from drugs, health materials, and parapharmaceutical products that have not expired, which used to end up in the island’s landfill or even worse and directly in the sea, burdening the environment.
By making an open call to the citizens to offer their medicines, before they expire, to the Social Pharmacy of the Municipality in order to be given FREE to people in need, the Municipality managed to develop an activity with a simultaneous social and environmental sign.
The development of the specific management of non-expired medicines is one of the recycling “streams” developed within the ICC (Intelligent Cities Challenge) programme where our Municipality participated with the main axe of “Waste Management and Circular Economy”.
The Social Pharmacy is located in the Old Town of Corfu (at Dionysiou Solomou Street 11) and monthly supports more than 100 of our fellow citizens who belong to vulnerable groups. Any citizen who wishes can call for information at 26610-30699, on working days and hours of the week.