The European Commission’s European ICC program has started a “journey” that will last 2.5 years until 2023 and will help transform 100 European cities into Intelligent Cities.

The Municipality of Central Corfu & the Diapontian Islands is the only island municipality of its size in Europe, which managed to be selected and participate in this program. The axes in which it is expected to receive assistance to improve the lives of its inhabitants are:

  1. Waste management and circular economy

  2. e-Government and digitizing public services 

  3. Smart and green mobility and transport 

  4. Scaling up renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency. 

In addition to the Deputy Mayor for European Programs, Development and Digital Governance, Panagiota Tzanne, and the Scientific Advisor of the Municipality, Mr. Victor Dimoulis, the Corfu’s ICC team also includes the professor of the Ionian University, Markos Avlonitis, as a representative of the local academia and Mr. John Metallinos, President of the Corfu regional department of the TEE and representative of local professionals.