The use of new technologies in its administrative structures by recording and monitoring the daily demands of the citizens is adopted by the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, pioneering with the help of the digital platform of communication and interaction between Municipality – citizen, “Novoville”.

The solution of the daily problems of the citizen and visitors of the Municipality, as well as the simplification of the communication between these two parties, is at the core of the efforts of the municipal authority from the beginning of its duties and this programme was financed exclusively with own resources.

What it includes and how the platform works

The Novoville platform offers the citizens the ability to send requests, through a mobile application, to resolve issues related to the operation of the island. The citizen or visitor of the Municipality has the opportunity to state in real-time problems that he encounters in his daily life, such as burnt lamps, potholes on the road, and even emergencies that require municipal assistance. Every citizen can send immediately, without cost and without calling or visiting himself the municipal offices all the requests that concern him.

Sending requests is possible through the free Novoville application for smartphones with Apple iOS and Google Android software, which users should download to their mobile phones.

Four simple steps to follow:

  • Site selection 
  • Select request category 
  • Add a photo (optional)
  • Sending the request to the Municipality

Then, the request is sending to the responsible service of the Municipality, while the citizen receives live information on his mobile phone about the progress of the request until its final settlement.

The services of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, on the other hand, have a real picture of the issues of the city, can better schedule their work, and are mainly accountable for the work and their response to the citizens.

At the same time, the Municipality can inform and communicate with its citizens and visitors about all the events that take place, through the sending of news and announcements, as well as to receive their opinion on issues of various topics through short consultations.

Useful phone numbers and frequently asked questions are updated live and are available through the application, making it a complete tool for the citizen/visitor.

A valuable tool for citizens and the Municipality

The main goal of the municipal authority is to promote the Novoville application so that all citizens know it and to become the new modern tool they will choose for the daily communication-contact with the Municipality at all levels.

As the Mayor of Central Corfu and Diapontian Islands, Meropi Ydraiou, stated in a recent briefing on the implementation of the program to the staff of the Municipality at the Municipal Theater: “Our vision and goal is for the Municipal Authority to listen, resolve and immediately inform about the resolution of problems that are encountered daily by the citizens and visitors of our Municipality in a transparent, measurable and detectable way.

Our Municipality continues to lead the way. New technologies are now our vehicle for a new concept of municipal administration and citizen service. We are taking another step in the participatory management of our common space. At the same time, we have opened a new direct and modern channel of communication and interaction between the Municipality and citizens, heading towards the future together. I am optimistic that our fellow citizens will embrace this innovative solution and will help the services of the Municipality to record and solve any problem that complicates the daily life of our place in order to take another step towards improving the quality of life in our Municipality.

We should remind also you that the five-digit number 15601 is now the central portal of telephone communication for any problem that concerns the Citizens and the visitors of our Municipality.