The Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, utilizing funding through the European programme WiFi for Europe (WiFi4EU), provides the opportunity to residents and visitors to enjoy free internet access through the WiFi4EU wireless network.

The project concerns the implementation of the relevant action of the European programme “WiFi4EU – Promoting internet connectivity in local communities”, by the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, within the mechanism CONNECTING EUROPE (CEF) – WIFI4EU.

The European Union’s initiative WIFI4EU is a support scheme for providing free wireless access to indoor or outdoor public spaces (for example public administration buildings, schools, libraries, health centers, museums, public parks, squares). The initiative will bring communities closer to the united digital market, give access to the users at the Gigabit community, improve digital literacy and complement the public services provided in these areas. The funding can be used to install a brand new public Wi-Fi network, upgrade an existing public Wi-Fi network or extend the coverage of an existing public Wi-Fi network.

The Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands proceeded with the installation and operation of free wireless internet access points (Wi-Fi hotspots) in public places.

Wireless internet access points can be found in the following areas:

(Α) outdoor areas: 

  • Municipal theatre

  • Saroko Square

  • Eugeniou Voulgareos (From Municipal Theater to Annunziata square)

  • City Hall Square (San Giacomo)

  • Lemonia Square

  • Plakado Ag. Spyridon

  • Lower Square (Parking)

  • Karvouniaris

  • Upper Square

Β)  interior areas: 

  • Municipal Theatre of Corfu


Step 1Search the Wireless Network: If we are within the coverage area of the Wireless Network of the Municipality, we perform from our electronic device (PC, tablet, mobile), a search of the available wireless networks. The network appears on mobile devices as “Wifi4EU”.

Step 2Connect to the Wifi4EU wireless network: From the list of available wireless networks connect to the “Wifi4EU” network and wait until you connect and receive confirmation that a successful connection has been made.

Step 3Open Web Browser: Open the browser of your choice and try to visit any website on the Internet (eg. In your browser will appear first the website that welcomes you to the wireless network of the Municipality and the Wifi4EU programme. Press the “LOGIN” button to accept the terms of use and continue.

On mobiles and tablets, the reference for connecting to the hotspot without opening a browser is automatically displayed.

Step 4Browse the internet.