The approval for the participation of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands in the Covenant of mayors for the climate and the energy was passed from yesterday’s meeting of the municipal council.

The relevant proposal of the deputy mayor Panagiota Tzanne was approved with a majority while the parties Dry, Borboti, Kosma, Karydi, Kaloudi, and Trepekli voted neutral.

As Mrs. Tzanne mentioned, among others, regarding the context of the European program of the ICC Commission, this program was one more reason that the agreement of the mayors should exist since it “steps” in the European Green Agreement and promotes the circular economy.

The European Covenant of mayors on climate and energy is an initiative launched in 2008 in Europe and brings together thousands of local authorities who are voluntarily committed to meeting the EU’s targets on climate and energy. In numbers, on the date of the drafting of this proposal, the Covenant of mayors includes 6575 member bodies, which represent 327,079,801 citizens.

The participating cities promote a common vision for 2050: accelerate their territory’s dependence on carbon dioxide sources, strengthen their adaptability to the inevitable effects of climate change and provide access to safe, sustainable, and financially efficient energy for their citizens. They further pledge to take action to mitigate climate change.

This vast network of cities, that provides good practices and facilitates the exchange of know-how, calls for the “political commitment” of each new member that, within two years of joining the Pact, it will develop an Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate, outlining the main actions that it intends to take.

The participation in the Mayor’s Covenant on climate and energy provides support for this project, offers recognition and networking opportunities, and finds the required resources in order to take their energy and climate commitments to the next level of action implementation.