Enter the fun world of recycling!


The Municipality of Central Corfu & the Diapontia Islands, brings us closer to the holiday atmosphere, offering all citizens the opportunity to take part in the Followgreen lottery for a gift voucher worth 100 euros in a large chain of electrical/electronic items.


Take part in the draw here: www.followgreen.gr/centralkerkira/Mission/Single/2779


By completing the educational “Green Mission – Zero waste celebrations”, the citizen learns through the informative material, how he can celebrate ecologically, without burdening the environment! In addition, he earns reward points and at the same time gets participates in Followgreen lotteries for great prizes.

This year, let us send our own message for the protection of the environment! With small changes in our daily lives, we make a new beginning in our quality of life, such as:

  • avoid the use of disposable plastic plates, such as glasses and cutlery at the festive table

  • we avoid offering gifts to our loved ones from plastic packaging and wrappers

  • we decorate the spaces of our house from materials we already have, making beautiful constructions together with our little friends

  • we prefer ornaments from recycled materials

  • we offer eco-friendly gifts to our loved ones

  • we send our greeting cards electronically


A few words about “Green Missions”:


“Green Missions” appear with a specific theme and are divided into two categories, “education” and “action”:

  • Through education, the citizen completes goals either by reading articles or by watching videos and testing his knowledge in quizzes for recycling.

  • Through the action, the user acquires a participation in the active draw of Followgreen.


For the successful outcome of the “Green Mission” all the necessary steps (goals) must be completed so that the points are added to the citizen’s account.

The winner of the lottery will be announced by the method of electronic random number selection. The prize will be sent to the place of choice of the winner through a courier company, after the identification of his / her details. A prerequisite for valid participation in the completion of the Green Mission objectives while redeeming the required points in the active draw.

Thank you all for the effort you make every day in recycling and we wish you happy holidays with health, happiness, and creativity.