The recycling marathon starts today by the Municipality of Central Corfu & the Diapontia Islands on the occasion of the start of lifelong learning courses in primary education. The marathon is held for the second consecutive year in collaboration with the municipal platform for rewarding recycling FollowGreen and the Mayor symbolically today visited the Primary School of Afra accompanied by Deputy Mayors Giannis Seremetis and Panagiota Tzanne.

The school action is implemented in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ionian Islands and is supported by the head of the Department of Education of the Municipality Maria Zervou, the Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company, AFIS, and the “Recycle” program.

This year, kindergartens are included in the school marathon, with the aim of raising environmental awareness of more and more students.

Kindergarten and elementary school students are asked to recycle by sorting in the source (4) materials paper, aluminum (elementary only), plastic, and batteries in the special paper bins, which are placed in all participating schools.

Through this effort, students, parents, and teachers become a team with the common goal of proving that recycling continues for the good of the environment.


Good luck from the Mayor M. Ydraiou


To begin the marathon process, the Mayor of Central Corfu and Diapontia symbolically visited the school in Afra, whose students had collected the largest amount of recycled waste last year.

As he pointed out, the goal this year, despite the difficult conditions we face due to the pandemic, is not to forget our good habits. The Mayor even invited all citizens to become members of so that everyone can assist and strengthen the effort of students through the municipal platform, donating points to the school of their choice.

He also thanked the Cleaning Department for the excellent work it undertakes and all those who actively support the effort of the Municipality “to achieve the great demand, to reduce the waste we produce and to increase recycling” as he characteristically stated.

Apart from the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor for Cleaning, Giannis Seremetis, and for European Programs, Development, and Digital Governance, Panagiota Gianne, also attended the marathon.


A few words about the action process


When the bins are full, the materials are weighed by the Cleaning Department and the school receives reward points per kilo and per material. The performance of each school unit is recorded electronically, on the page “SCHOOLS” with link, where it is accessible to all. In addition, it is possible, only for the members of the municipal platform, to donate points to the participating schools, in support of the students’ effort.

At the end of the school year and if the health conditions allow, there will be an event to award all the participating schools.

We remind you that in the School Marathon 2020-2021, the results were particularly encouraging, as more than 7,500 kilos of recyclable materials were collected from primary school students.

We hope that this year the students will embrace the action with the same enthusiasm.