A press conference on the results of the operation of the electronic request platform Novoville in the municipality was given today at noon to the media by mayor Meropi Ydraiou.

In the interview, apart from the mayor, also spoke the deputy mayor of quality of life and of civil protection Harris Yiotis and the deputy mayor of European Programs, Development, and e-Government Panagiota Tzanne.

After the speeches of the mayor and of the deputy mayors, a brief presentation of the operation and of the results of the platform was followed by Mr. Stefanos Litsardopoulos, commercial director of Novoville.

In her speech, Mrs. Ydraiou referred to the success of the electronic platform. “The results of the platform of Novoville in our municipality are impressive and we are very happy about it as they justify our initiative to integrate new technologies in our administrative structures so that we can respond immediately to the needs and problems of the everyday life of our citizens”, declared the mayor. “I want to thank the citizens who embraced this innovation from the first moment but also the municipal services for the excellent effort they make to quickly resolve the issues they receive. Our goal in the near future is to integrate even more services of the municipality within the platform so that the citizens can be served seamlessly at any time through their mobile phone or their computer.”

The Novoville platform officially started operating in the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands in September 2020. Since then, more than 3,800 citizen requests have been submitted to the municipality through the free Novoville application, out of which 2619 have already been resolved, i.e. the 69% of the total requests. At the same time, 2822 citizens have registered on the platform and more than 7380 personalized messages have been sent to the citizens, making the communication between the municipality and the citizens direct and two-way.

It is recalled that the Novoville platform offers citizens the ability to send requests through Apple iOS and Google Android software in order to resolve issues related to the operation of the city. The citizen or the visitor in the Municipality of Central Corfu has the ability to state in real-time the problems he encounters in his daily life, such as issues of cleanliness and garbage, abandoned cars, electricity, etc., or even emergencies that require municipal assistance. Every citizen can send immediately, without any financial cost and without having to call or visit the municipality all his concerning requests.

Then, the request is received in the competent service of the municipality while the citizen receives live information on his mobile phone about the progress of the request until its final settlement. At the same time, through the application, the citizens can be immediately informed about all the announcements and events of the municipality and about emergencies, as well.

The services of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands, on the other hand, have a real picture of the city’s issues, can better plan their work, and are accountable for their work and response to the citizens.

Useful phones and frequently asked questions are updated live and are available through the application, highlighting it as a complete communication and information tool for the citizen/visitor.