The Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, celebrating World Environment Day and considering the important role of the local authorities and local communities in the protection of the environment, but mainly faithful to the vision of the municipal authority to transform the island of Corfu into a smart, green and sustainable island of Europe, announces its active participation in the “Week of Sustainable Mobility”, that will take place between 16 and 22 September, where :

Α) There will be information and awareness-raising actions on sustainable mobility within the city of Corfu,

Β) during the above mentioned days, it will also be announced the implementation of a permanent measure that will for the first time mean the beginning of sustainable mobility on our island,

Γ) on September 22, the traffic and the access of cars to one or more roads of the city of Corfu will be prohibited while the same roads will be used exclusively by milder forms of mobility (pedestrians, bicycles, electric bicycles or skates, etc.)

In addition to the above, the Cleaning – Recycling Service of the municipality and upon its own suggestion, announces the positive decision of the municipal council to create a separate collection of clothing and footwear (clothes, shoes, bags, linen, etc.) to at least 15 collection points, which for the first time will be developed in all the administrative boundaries of our municipality and will effectively serve all its residents.

Finally, it is noted that the specific actions are part of the participation of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands in the program “100 Intelligent Cities Challenge” of the European Commission (100 Intelligent Cities Challenge – ICC), in which the municipality participates under the prior City Goal “Waste Management and Circular Economy” and secondarily of the participation in the program “Green and Smart Mobility” and the general effort of our municipality to effectively reduce its total carbon footprint and to help substantially and practically in the protection of the environment.