The collection of abandoned vehicles started yesterday by the contractor of the project in the Corfu Municipality of our Municipality.

To date, 200 abandoned vehicles have been registered throughout the Municipality and the process for their safe removal has begun.

Abandoned vehicles to be removed are to be sold and delivered to an approved collection point. The aim of the municipal authority with this process is to prevent the generation of waste from vehicles and of course the recycling and further utilization of OTKZ.

The ultimate goal is the safety and improvement of the quality of life of the citizens, the provision of parking spaces in the Municipality, and in general the protection of public health and the environment.

The contract has a time horizon of two years with the possibility of extension for another year with the consent of both parties. The contractor company undertakes the collection of vehicles with its own means and staff, on a weekly basis, after consultation with the competent municipal service and further processing. The identification and registration of the designated vehicles as abandoned will be done by the Municipality, a process that has already begun.

It is noted that from the designation of a vehicle as abandoned there are specific deadlines for its maintenance and if any search is made within them it is returned to its owner. Finally, it is pointed out that each step of actions regarding the characterization, removal, and further management of the abandoned has been fully defined and the whole process after the completion of the tender process by the Technical Services of the Municipality will be done under supervision and certification by the Cleaning service and Recycling of the Municipality.

The procedure for collecting an abandoned car or motorcycle (based on PD 116/2004) is as follows:

Employees of the Municipality, after supervision, register the vehicle and after 90 days a sticker removal notice is placed on it.

Within 15 days, the competent service is obliged to inform the Security for the conduct of an investigation to determine cases of theft, seizure, or involvement in a criminal act. It also informs the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport.

If the vehicle has license plates, a written notice is sent based on the data declared to the Ministry of Transport. The vehicle is removed after 45 days from the placement of the special signal.

If an owner wishes, for emotional or other reasons, to keep his vehicle without moving it or to have a license plate, he must have it in a private space owned by him or own by a third party – with the consent of the latter.


Note that the Municipality from this process has reciprocal benefits, as provided by law

Citizens who have spotted abandoned vehicles can contact the Novoville online platform to expedite the removal of vehicles.