It took place today at 12.00 p.m. in the Atrium of the City Hall (Maraslio Megaron), the award ceremony of the schools of the Municipality of Central Corfu & Diapontia

During the award, the first schools in recycling materials and reward points received a useful gift and a symbolic prize for their school unit and all participating schools in the action received praise from the Municipality for their significant effort.

More specifically, 9 kindergartens and 16 primary schools participated, which by sorting the source on paper, plastic, aluminum, and batteries with the help of parents and teachers, managed to collect more than 11,750 kilos of recyclable materials, while at the same time their effort was strengthened by donation of points through the municipal platform.

The School Marathon “Let’s Recycle” was implemented for 2 consecutive years by our Municipality, within the Followgreen platform, under the auspices of the Regional Directorate of Primary Education of the Ionian Islands and is supported by the Hellenic Society for Recycling and Recycling. Box Counts “.

The Mayor, during her speech at the award ceremony, congratulated the students for the impressive results they achieved, and this year, despite the special health conditions, they proved that they do not forget their ecological habits.

In addition, the Mayor thanked them for their support in the School Recycling Marathon, the Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company “EEAA”, and the aluminum recycling program “Every Box Counts”.

Mrs. Irini Topouzidou, in charge of the “Every Box Counts” program, sends her own message through the school action: “Every time we recycle an aluminum can, we save 95% energy and contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions. But what matters most is that children adopt recycling as a habit. After all, today, more than ever, we realize that every choice we make, every habit we change, as well as every aluminum can we recycle, affects our environmental footprint and shapes the future of the planet. ”

The Municipality of Central Corfu & the Diapontian Islands recognizes that children are the allies for the future of our island and that is why it will continue next year to invest in the new generation, with even more actions for the environment, in primary and secondary education.

The Schools that participated in the award:



1st Special Kindergarten of Corfu

1st Kindergarten of Corfu

4th Kindergarten of Corfu

7th Kindergarten of Corfu

9th Kindergarten of Corfu

12th Kindergarten of Corfu

14th Kindergarten of Corfu

Vatos Kindergarten

Kindergarten of Castellani Mesi



1st Primary School of Corfu

1st Special Primary School of Corfu

5th Primary School of Corfu

9th Primary School of Corfu

11th Primary School of Corfu

12th Primary School of Corfu

14th Primary School of Corfu

Agios Ioannis Primary School

Afra Primary School

Viros Primary School

Gastouri Primary School

Primary School of Kato Korakiana

Primary School of Kontokali

Primary School of Benitsa

Potamos Primary School

Primary School of Sinarades