The latest developments in the field of waste transportation, the progress of the infrastructure for the implementation of the SMA as well as compensatory benefits for the region were the main object of the discussion in the meeting that the Mayor of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Meropi Ydraiou had yesterday. Cultural, Landscaping and Environmental Association of Temploni and the wider area Livadi Ropa “Panagia Sparmiotissa” Lefteri Moumouri.

More specifically, the Mayor informed the President of the Association about issues related to the transshipment and transportation of waste outside Corfu but also about the progress of the implementation of the Waste Transfer Station of the central Municipality. As he mentioned, with the SMA it will be possible to transfer the waste of the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia for two plus one years and in any case until the waste treatment unit is implemented.

Ms Ydraiou and Mr. Moumouris also discussed the compensatory benefits that should exist for the residents of the Temploni area, who are commonly accepted to have faced the problem of waste management for decades.

The Mayor informed the president of the Cultural, Landscaping, and Environmental Association of Temploni “Panagia Sparmiotissa” about the decision of the Mayor of South for depositing and transhipment without any exchange the volume waste that is coming from the Municipality of South in Temploni. The relevant decision included the shipment of waste from the Municipality of South from the main port of the city to Igoumenitsa. As the Mayor informed Mr. Moumouris, this request was self-evident that it was rejected by the majority of the Board. of SIDISA as illegal, irrational, and unacceptable.

Finally, Meropi Ydraiou pointed out that she will continue to inform the Association about all the issues that compose the case of waste in Temploni, emphasizing that all the efforts made by her are aimed at the proper management of waste and the general improvement of conditions. for the benefit of the citizens. The President of the Association, Lefteris Moumouris, thanked the Mayor for the information and stressed that he would continue to insist on the fair demands of the residents of the area.