The Department of Informatics, in the context of the digital transformation of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, took care of the digital registration and display of the vast majority of fire hydrants within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality.

The specific action came as a continuation of the painstaking effort of the respective Department of Civil Protection of the Municipality, which was carried out and completed during the previous period, their physical recording in the field.

For the utilization of the specific useful and critical information, a meeting was convened and held today (27/08/2021) at the premises of the Fire Service, on the presentation of the findings to the officials of the Fire Service, the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands and those of DIADEYAD CORFU but also the possible ways of their mutual utilization for the better shielding and protection of the Municipality from the dangers of urban and forest fires.

The result of this meeting was the commitment for mutual cooperation of the specific bodies of responsibility and interest, with the Department of Civil Protection of the Municipality and the assistance of the respective Department of Informatics, so that there is a uniform coding of fire hydrants by all need repairs for their smooth operation.

Also, the need for updating and new planning of the location of fire hydrants was recognized after the careful utilization of the information – data that has already been recorded.

It is important to note that the specifically expanded interconnection of information systems and the cooperation of the respective responsible bodies is carried out for the first time, at the local and regional levels, aiming to be a good practice in the future!


Present were the Mayor of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands and the president of DIADEYAD CORFU, Mrs. Meropi – Spyridoula Ydraiou, the Regional Director of Fire Services of the Ionian Islands, Mr. Nikos Roumistis the Commander of the Fire Service of the Prefecture of Corfu, Mr. Nikos Kolovos, as well as the Deputy Mayors Mr. Haris Giotis (Civil Protection ), Mr. Panagiota Tzanne (Digital Governance), the Deputy Mayor and responsible for DIADEYADK issues, Mr. Argyros Vassilis, the authorized counselor, Mr. Melidis Vassilos, as well as the special advisor, Mr. Andreas Hatziandreou and the scientific advisor of the Municipality, Mr. Victor Dimoulis.