The questionnaire of the 1st Public Consultation on the content of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands is permanently posted and is constantly accessible at the following link:

The Agreement for participation in the Network of Bodies for the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands was signed today by the Deputy Mayor of Technical Services on behalf of the Municipality and representatives of twenty organizations representing us. The main object of the Pact is the consensus and the will for cooperation in order to form a sustainable operating model within the boundaries of the Municipal Unit of Corfu in terms of movement and accessibility of residents and visitors.

The Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, in order to plan and prepare a successful strategic Sustainable Mobility Plan with a horizon of 20 years and with the aim of upgrading the level of transportation – mobility – accessibility of residents and visitors, is actively participating in this process. stakeholders, social groups, and citizens. The necessary participation of the citizens is clearly provided by the European directives (Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Guidelines) and by the national legislation (Law 4599/19, Government Gazette 40 A / 2019 Article 22).

It is noted that the signing of the Pact has been preceded by the first consultation between stakeholders and citizens. It is also reminded that the collection and analysis of data are done by the contractor – designer of the project who will formulate the final proposal of the Plan. It is clarified that for the elaboration of the SUMP study, but also for the formulation of an implementation proposal, it was deemed necessary to create a closed group of the directly involved bodies that will co-formulate the final proposal. This closer group is called “Network of Bodies”, it is voluntary and its role is primarily advisory in all stages of training of SUMP until the final implementation proposal. The details of this participation can be summarized as follows:

1. Exchange of information and data

2. Informing participants

3. Support for the implementation process of SUMP

4. Participation in decision making

SUMP intervention area means the city of Corfu and the main connections with other

Municipal Units.

The Cooperation Pact

The Cooperation Pact signed today is essentially the kick-off for the formation of SUMP as the Municipality and Bodies represented agreed to form a Network of Bodies, which will act in a coordinated, collective and collaborative manner for 13 months (until 31-12-2022) and in constant consultation with the citizens and the social and economic partners of the intervention area, so that the above movements and services that are planned, ensure and satisfy in parallel and balanced the following three main axes – goals of sustainable development and sustainable mobility.

Ensuring social sustainability and cohesion

Respect for the uniqueness of the Historic Center of Corfu

Ensuring environmental protection

Contribution to economic growth

In particular, the design principles aims at movements that will:

• They are user-friendly, ensuring equal and seamless access and accessibility for all and for successive generations.

• They contribute in the best way to the orderly and balanced development and sustainability of the Municipality, stimulate its attractiveness and upgrade the quality of the urban environment.

• Through the use of renewable energy sources and the choice of environmentally friendly means of transportation and transport lead to the reduction of energy consumption, the production of greenhouse gases and all kinds of pollutants and waste and minimize the impact on noise and operation of various activities. for the benefit of citizens’ health.

• Strengthen social cohesion and civil security, contributing to social justice, reducing delinquent behavior and accidents, and protecting the good health of citizens.

• Contribute to economic growth, stimulate competitiveness and strengthen entrepreneurship by ensuring optimal access to goods and services.

• Optimize the cost-benefit ratio of the various networks.

• Promote forms of light traffic, “sustainable mobility management” solutions, and collective use of means of transport.

• Utilize as much as possible the common areas for the benefit of the quality of life of the citizens.

It is pointed out that the coordination of the actions of the Network has been undertaken by the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands through the Mayor of Meropi-Spyridoula Hydraiou, with the Deputy Mayor of Technical Services Mr. Nikolaos Kalogeros.

N. Kalogeros: The political will for the implementation of an effective Plan is unwavering

At today’s signing of the Cooperation Agreement of the “Network”, the Deputy Mayor of Technical Services N. Kalogeros stated the unwavering political choice of the municipal authority to prepare and implement a plan that will enable balanced and proper mobility in the city of Corfu, friendly to citizens and visitors and ultimately efficient operation as befits a modern, tourist and at the same time historic city which includes the Old Town of Corfu. On their part, representatives of the institutions expressed their satisfaction with the selection and promotion of this Plan by the Municipality of Central Corfu and expressed willingness for cooperation and substantial contribution to its elaboration.

It was also noted at the meeting that there will be cooperation for interventions that will be made in the medium term, which will facilitate the lives of residents and visitors during both the winter and the summer, tourist season. As pointed out by the deputy mayor, procedures for the operation of regional parking lots (“Lyrikou” parking lot, etc.) are underway, which will enable the alleviation of the acute parking problem that exists and that intensifies during the summer period.

Who participates

On the part of the Municipality, the working group that has been formed consists of the Deputy Mayor of Technical Services Nikos Kalogeros, the special advisor, engineer, Angelos Koulouris, and service agents with knowledge of the subject. This team will be in collaboration and contact with the Network of Bodies and the contractor – designer for the final configuration of the Plan.

The representatives of the bodies that signed today the Participation Pact in the “Network” are: from the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, representing the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor T.Y. N. Kalogeros, Alexandros Pangalis from the Corfu Urban Transport, Sofia Spatoula from the Municipal Community of Kanalia, Ioannis Allegris from the Corfu Chamber of Commerce, Georgios Chondrogiannis from the Corfu Chamber, Efst. Makris Vice-Rector of the Ionian University, Periklis Katsaros from the Federation of Tourist Accommodations of Corfu, Konstantinos Tsirigakis from the Cultural – Cycling Association “Orthopetalia” of Corfu, Nikolaos Kolovos from the Fire Brigade Zidomos Sydomos Corfu, Konstantinos Batas from the Association of Permanent Residents of Corfu Old Town, Theodoros Miaris from the Corfu Taxi Owners Association “Taxiarchis”, Spyros Koulouris from the Corfu Travel Agents Association, Corfu from the Corfu Tourist Bus Owners Association, Giorgos Katsaros from the Corfu Tourist Drivers Association, Ioannis Metallinos from the Corfu Department of the Technical Chamber of Greece, Konstantinos Vlachopoulos from the Corfu Traffic Police, Costas Moukotios Ikotios Aristeidis Gianousis from EETEM Corfu.