The kick-off of the school recycling marathon was given today at the 6th High School of Corfu by the Mayor of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, Meropi Ydraiou, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of European Affairs, Development and Digital Government, and Project Manager of the local ICC team
Panagiota Tzanne, the Deputy Mayor for Cleaning and Recycling, Giannis Seremeti, the Authorized Education Advisor and President of SYKOIPA Maria Zervou, and of course the students and teachers of the school.

The “School Recycling Marathon” for the year 2021-2022 takes place in the context of the recycling reward platform while this year for the first time the Secondary Schools of the Municipality participate.

Guided by the excellent results of previous years, the competition is expanded as in addition to kindergartens and primary schools, this year participate in the action and high schools and lyceums of the Municipality.

Students are asked to gather paper, aluminum, plastic, and batteries in recycling bins that will be placed in schools in the coming days by the Cleaning Service and send them for recycling.

The Mayor thanked parents and teachers who support the efforts of the Municipality for education and awareness of the student community and the implementation of ecological practices in our schools.

Irini Topouzidou, head of the “Every Box Counts” program, said: “We are happy to support the School Recycling Marathon for the third consecutive year, offering the special bins for the separate aluminum collection. Every time we recycle an aluminum can, we save 95% energy and help reduce GHG emissions. But what matters most is that children adopt recycling as a habit and inspire us, adults, to change our habits, in turn, to build a healthier and more sustainable planet together. ”

It is noted that the school action is supported by EEAA (recycling in the blue bin), AFIS SA (battery recycling), and the “Every Box Counts” aluminum recycling program.

It is reminded that the schools that have not yet expressed interest, have the opportunity to send the participation form that has been sent to them digitally, to Followgreen, in order to join the action.

The Municipality of Central Corfu & the Diapontian Islands through the municipal platform Followgreen, will continue the actions in order to raise awareness of all citizens for the protection of the environment.