The Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontian Islands is exceptionally pleased to announce the launch of an online campaign to inform its citizens, mainly through the social networks “Facebook” and “Instagram”, which will also mark the celebration of 10,000 resolved requests from our citizens, in just 2 years of cooperation with the “Novoville” digital platform.

Our Municipality, due to its participation in the European Programme “100 Intelligent Cities Challenge – ICC” in which it has declared as the 2nd axis of action the “eGovernment and digitizing public services” and wanting to substantially modernize its municipal services and offer for the first time a direct, two-way, digital communication channel between citizens and the Municipality, which would lead to an increase in citizen engagement, decided to start its collaboration with the “Novoville” digital platform.

This collaboration with “Novoville” allowed the Municipality to record, respond and manage more effectively the huge volume of requests that come daily from the mobile phones of the citizens and visitors of the island, presenting at the same time extremely high rates of their resolution, reaching the 10,013 resolved citizens’ requests and only 308 more to be pending.

A fact that on the one hand proves that the services of the Municipality, with the introduction and utilization of the “Novoville” digital platform, managed to more effectively meet their obligations to the citizen. Still, on the other hand, it particularly emphasizes the number of multiple problems that the new municipal authority had to face.

So, within just 2 years of cooperation with the digital platform “Novoville” we succeeded and made our Municipality 10,000 times better, essentially improving the everyday life and quality of life of our citizens. We urge even more of our fellow citizens to “download” today the “Novoville” application for free from Google Play or the App Store and make their request to our Municipality, easily and quickly with a simple click!