The establishment of composting bins that started today in the primary schools of the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands was enthusiastically received by students and teachers alike. The Mayor Meropi Ydraiou, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor for European Programmes, Development and Digital Governance Panagiota Tzanne and the Authorized Education Advisor Maria Zervou had the opportunity to inform the children about their use and especially about the benefits that arise from this natural process.

With this specific project, planning to promote sustainability and environmental education in schools continues. These projects and actions can serve as a catalyst that will lead to the selection of sustainable practices with wider community participation and beyond the school premises.

The establishment of composting bins in all primary and secondary schools will be completed by the Cleaning Service before the beginning of the new school year in September so that the educational community can proceed with their proper use, both educationally and essentially. Also, with the beginning of the new school year, a special echelon of the Municipality is going to provide detailed information to teachers and students about their use and operation.

This specific action is part of a network of actions and projects in the context of the Municipality’s planning for the promotion of sustainability and environmental education and is included in the information and awareness campaign for the proper management of waste where it is financed by the PEP of the Ionian Islands.

By the establishment of composting bins in schools, teachers and students will be given the opportunity to actively and effectively participate in the overall efforts to reduce and divert organic waste from its final management at the waste plant, while at the same time, they will also gain valuable knowledge about the importance of composting and the positive effects it brings about for the environment.

Mayor Meropi Ydraiou emphasized that a culture of environmental responsibility is cultivated and practical learning experiences are provided to the children regarding “Sorting at Source” and the management of different materials.

As he mentioned, the municipal authority’s commitment to the creation of proper environmental management infrastructure finds yet another practical application. Meropi Ydraiou also stated that “Inculcating sustainable habits and environmental awareness at a young age is vital for the long-term well-being of our society. By installing composters in our schools, we not only reduce waste but also create valuable opportunities for our students to actively contribute to a greener future. Children are the ones who can become the active agents of change”.