The Cleaning Service of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands was provided with two new garbage trucks for the collection of bio-waste. The acceptance was made by the mayor Meropi Ydraiou and with the presence of the responsible Deputy Mayor Giannis Seremetis and other officials.

The supply of these garbage trucks was done in the framework of E-Horeca WANET project, which is co-financed by the European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece-Albania 2014-20 (Interreg IPA II Cross-border cooperation program Greece-Albania 2014-2020), in collaboration with the deputy mayor of European Development Programs and Digital Governance. This is a European Programme related to the supply of technological equipment for the upgrade of key services, with the Ionian University as a direct partner.

It is reminded that this project of the E-HORECA WANET programme, in addition to the supply of garbage trucks, also includes the supply of additional electrical equipment to the Cleaning Service in order to optimize their itineraries.

The mayor Meropi Ydraiou stressed that this supply will greatly help the work that is carried out by the Cleaning Service, noting that the acceptance of the two garbage trucks was completed after the coordinated work of the deputy mayor for European Programs, Development, and Digital Governance.

She further stated that this reception is proof of the painstaking and persistent efforts of the municipal authorities as well as of the cooperation between the responsible deputy mayors and the Ionian University.

From his part, the deputy mayor of Cleaning, Giannis Seremetis, expressed his satisfaction with the two new garbage trucks, stating that they will help the most the effort that is done in order to improve the collection of the waste and provide better services to the citizens.