The board of directors of the Green Fund, at the meeting of the 23rd December 2020, decided to designate 254 municipalities as temporary beneficiaries in the Priority Axis 2 “Electric Vehicle Charging Plans” of the financial program “Environmental Balance Actions 2020” and with the amount of money that is listed in the relevant table.

In addition, it decided to allocate a total amount of €11.552.332,15 (including VAT) for the implementation of the proposals of the 254 municipalities.

After the examination of the supporting documents, the Green Fund will proceed to the determination of the municipalities that will be the official beneficiaries and to the release of the final amount of funding. The completion of the projects and the submission of the supporting documents will take place within the period of six months, provided by the release of the relevant ministerial decision.

The Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands joined the program with an amount of about 60 thousand euros while it should be emphasized that “Smart and Green Mobility” is one of the axes declared by the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands in the program of 100 Intelligent Cities of the European Commission.