It is with great pleasure that we inform the public about the start of the operation of the KEP YGEIAS in our Municipality which will operate daily and during public service hours, at the address Mantzarou 7, in the city of Corfu and we invite you to its opening on Friday 09 December 2022 at 18.00.

The new structure of the Municipality is part of the network of other KEP YGEIAS that operate in many municipalities of our country, under the supervision and guidance of the Hellenic Intermunicipal Network of Health Cities (EDDYPPY) of the World Health Organization.

The Hellenic Inter-Municipal Network of Healthy Cities and our Municipality have ensured all Citizens the free use of the KEP YGEIAS software, which will be used by the Municipality as a basic communication and information tool for Citizens.

The main objective of the KEP YGEIAS is to inform all citizens and organize preventive examinations for 12 main diseases, proposed by the World Health Organization, for which studies have shown that early preventive intervention and detection of any symptoms is effective and can save lives.

Through the new software, international screening protocols of the population are applied and the executives of the Health Centers supervise the follow-up of the preservation of the health of the Citizens. Automatically, the software informs citizens, through their personal profile, about the preventive examinations recommended by the World Health Organization for their age and gender, as well as reminding them over time to review them.

The 12 diseases that KEP YGEIAS focuses on through the software are Colon Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer, Cardiovascular Risk, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Prostate Cancer, Melanoma, Depression, COPD, Osteoporosis, Dementia. Nevertheless, in the context of the pandemic, they have added it to the Citizens’ profile and useful information about COVID-19.

In this way, each citizen can obtain a preventive examination update profile and have easy access to useful information about the pandemic from their Municipality by SMS and e-mail about their actions regarding COVID-19.

To be informed about the actions of the Municipality regarding Health Prevention and to receive advisory information, you can subscribe to the KEP YGEIAS Software at the following email address.

Registration and information about the programs can be obtained by visiting the KEP YGEIAS office.