On Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of November 2023, it took place the ICC Strategy City Lab in Brussels where for the 1st time more than 240 members – representatives of the ICC community participated in the 2nd cycle of the Commission’s program entitled Intelligent Cities Challenge – ICC 2.0.

The Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands declared its presence again in this opportunity to network with the other selected European cities of the ICC 2.0 and exchange know-how with them, with the participation of the Deputy Mayor of European Programs, Development, and Digital Governance, Mrs. Panagiota Tzanne (Project Manager), the Scientific Advisor, Mr. Victor Dimoulis (Assistant Project Manager), as well as the municipal council, Mr. Vasilios Melidis, who simultaneously represented the local business community as a member of the Corfu Chamber of Commerce.

A key element of the meetings was the discussion, the evaluation of their strategies, and the exchange of information and experiences for the development of Local Green Deals with the most advanced cities of the program, which will help the green and digital (twin) transition of all the cities that are invited to proudly develop and establish them (among them the city of Corfu).

The next meeting of the cities participating in the ICC 2.0 program will take place online on the 21st of March 2024 where the progress that will be achieved in the design, conclusion, and implementation of their Local Green Deals in cooperation with the local businesses will be presented. More information can be found here: